Germany scholarship opportunities for foreign students

Recently Germany had become popular destination for a lot of students, who are searching for high quality education on reasonable prices. Mainly because this country had advanced so much in technologies and trends for the past few years and that is extremely attractive for young people, which want to be up-to-date with everything new coming up on the market. Another also very good reason for them to choose Germany is the amazing landscapes, the afflatus art and culture and the developed economy of the country itself. Having fun is also something we should not neglect, when taking into consideration all the important features of our study place. There is not a single of university without a dozens of cafes, bars and restaurants. Each of them offering a big variety of snacks and meals a lot of them discounted for their students. And in addition to that a lot of events, cultural shows and nightlife organized by student offices in the institution.

The country is also giving a lot of opportunities for students who don`t have the financial security to choose Germany. Most popular scholarship programs are DAAD, German`s Foundation scholarship and Erasmus Mundus Scholarship program.

Until 2007 most of the universities in Germany where charge free, no tuition fees were issued from the students, which was very comfortable. But now there are several institutions which request money for their undergraduate studies like Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria, Hamburg and Lower Saxony. The tuition fee of these states is about 500 euros. Other states don`t request such money or if they do it is a small amount of about 50 euros.

In most cases Master degrees are paid at a price of 650euros or several thousand per semester depending by the degree chosen by the student.

DAAD is a joint, which aims promoting international academic relations, mainly through exchange of students, academic staff and researchers. DAAD database contains big number of available scholarships and funding possibilities for foreign students, researchers and graduates. There is also separate department of the education joint, for students from developing countries.More information you can find on DAAD Scholarships for developing countries and DAAD Master Scholarships.

A lot of political and religious endowments in Germany are involved with offering funding to foreign students in different fields of interest, fields and timbers. You can check them out in this list.

Master Courses and PhD Courses can be supported by the Erasmus Mundus program which is European program for all the European citizens. You can find out a list of available sponsored Master degree courses here and PhD courses here.

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