How to Improve Your Chances of Receiving a College Scholarship

Most high school seniors or perspective college students think of college and they immediately cringe at the thought of the cost. There is also the unbearable thought of the scholarship search and application process that many dread to approach. For some, it seems to be quite easy with outstanding academics or renowned athletic ability under their belts. However, there are scholarships available for those other than the before mentioned and it all comes down to winning. This winning doesn’t involve school sports but instead, winning at the completion process. Students who don’t possess the common scholarship accolades must adhere to seek out those awards that are available for other experiences and superior talents or qualities that qualify them for the award.


Let’s Get Moving


Once your interest is piqued and the time for scholarship deadlines is quickly approaching, the movement to apply must begin. There is a large amount of free money out there for those who take the time to search and find it. The search must be detailed and very involved to say the least. Every resource should be exhausted and the only mistake is not applying for every single one that fits your circumstance. Applying costs nothing but failure to do so could cost you the award that makes the difference in the college of your choice. Seek the aid of the school, service organizations, local companies and local outlets in the community. Many of these groups award large sums of money but don’t advertise their available scholarships.


Smart Technology


One of the most vital devices in the world of today is generated by smart technology and your application process is no different. Once you’ve located as many scholarships as possible, begin applying. Request the applications before the deadline and apply for them all. Make certain to have all of the necessary information or documentation included and don’t give up any opportunity. The smart approach means applying for those that offer even the smallest amount as well as those that you think you’d never win. Numbers fuel the smart technology and the more applications you submit, the more chances at receipt you have. Remember to stay organized and adhere to all deadlines for a successful outcome. It’s also crucial that you nail any essay writing excerpts that are included. It’s your chance to win the scholarship based on your character and writing skills.

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170 responses to “How to Improve Your Chances of Receiving a College Scholarship”

  1. my name is cabdalla Iam somali citezen i had graduated my secondary school in somalia i would very much grateful turkey government for having huge support for somali students and their grave people i would like to be educated person and continuous my education until i serve my people what i have let for my brother country turkey. i also want to start my university in turkey if it possible for me because i do not have any money that i can go their and the fees of the university if it possible to give me a scholarship to continuous my education i would very much grateful for all Turkey people. if it accept my request please and please call me this number and give some education your brother needs education {00252615049967} in sha”allah

  2. It is really awesome!to open an opportunities to those people ,who are looked ,out reach to opportunities!keep going!

  3. i am from anstable family and i would appriciate your assistant coz my family can`t cater for my expenses,i live in makongeni estate and my mother is in a horrible situation,she has an spinal cord problem,i finished k.c.p.e in 2013and scored 226 marks due to poor learning enviroment and i believe that i can do better than that i haven`t been able to attend any school since then.your collaboration will be highly appriciated God bless you

  4. Hello,
    I have been accepted at Natural Resources Development College to pursue a Diploma in Water Engineering but my main challenge is going to be school fees.Please help ,me in any way to get a scholarship so that i maybe somebody in life.i will appreciate your response.

    Thank you!

  5. It is pleasure for us to get from ayou payless scholarships and to give us more information about the way to receive international scholarships.


  7. hello am very glad to apply for my college and i hope to work as you need and to keep up my spirit on this, if you let me know the requirements needed i will do it as possible as i can because am very intrested. thank you very much

  8. My name is Frederick Opoku.I am from Ghana..Please I want a scholarship to study in the university. I have completed Senior High School.Because my parent don’t have money to continue my education, i have been in the house for about one and half year…….PLEASE HELP ME…….

  9. I completed my Grade 12,last year studying commercial subjcets,My Aps is 23points
    symbol (A) i have no money to study further because my grandmother is Economically unemployed.

  10. My name is Abdi Mahdi Shire, 23 years single never married and no kids. Am in college doing business management and am about to obtain my diploma soon
    Am also hardworking, respectable, i like playing football, watching movies and going out with friend.
    However, am here seeking for scholarship and i kindly request from the donors to give me a scholarship.

  11. How do go about to apply for the scholarship.what is the first step i have to do please help me and explain it to me.

  12. Hello?Nice to come here but the problem i have is my capacity of paying
    the fees and i have finished education in accounting in 2014 in secondary school

  13. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am Joy Manaog Silleza 33 years old ive and born in the Philippines. I would like to help my co Filipino, when I graduate my course as a teacher. But i have my Daughter Queen Moesha Mycah Silleza Paule, 4 years old, not in school yet but she is one of the youngst Genius Kid in the Philippines in Youtube “pearl paule”. I would like to study to improved and develop more my ability and be effecient to my neigbor,. That’s all.
    God bless more power.
    My contact 09289412651

  14. Interesting and Encouraging Message. But I would like to be sponsored by your College in the field of Medicine Iam from Uganda. Thank you.

  15. greeting to the scholar

    My name is Nhlakanipho Ngwenya from South Africa
    I would like you to help me get this scholarship the reason why i need it it that im curretly a stundent of central technical college and im doing mechnical engineering so i do not have money to pay for my course becouse my parent do not afford to pay. that why i need you to help me pay for my course. im a good person who is working hard and my weakness is that im impatient i can’t rest until my work is completed. I love my work and im sure i won’t let anything that will distract my work. it would be a pleasure if you can help me

    Thank you
    nhlakanipho ngwenya

  16. Good day,

    Please advise whether you are a South African Company that assists with Scholarships or are you abroad?


  17. I am student and i like to further my studies at university of South Africa June 2015 to July 2016 doing post graduate certificate in tearching.

  18. hello sir i want scholar ship plz give me one chance i want to join your uni because idont have resources for fiurther studies so plz give me chance

  19. sir,i belong to a very poor family.i am studying in a collage.Due to my financial problem,i will soon be leave my study because i cannot afford my educational expenses so kindly request to you that plz help me by giving this scholarship.

  20. Hello! I´m Salvadoran and I´ve got a university degree in English language.I have never been to the USA. I just studied English in my own country. I would really like to improve my language skills.What can I do to applk a scholarship?

  21. dear sir, madam , i will be so excited if my application has been consider , i am young person want to peruse my education career to make a sustainable development in my self and aid people and shear my knowledge with the future children and the world at large.
    i will comply with the rules and regulation.
    your,s faithfully
    famara trawally

  22. Thank you very much for a write – up like this. I have a second class upper from the Open University of Malaysia, where i offered BSc. Multimedia Communication. I have the strong desire to continue with my masters degree program but financially, i am down. Can you please help me out with some scholarship positions? thank you.

  23. iam very much interested to countineow my father studies,but because of my family problems i cn’t anable to countnw so iam searching for schloorship

  24. I want to express my utmost and sincere gratitude for having come across this golden opporunity.I have fully read and adhered to the above terms and conditions.As a deserving student,I hope we will walk together in my quest to quench my thirst for quality educationn.God bless.

  25. Many people are surrounded by lot of problems. Due to this they may never give-up, they must pull-up their socks by trying some of means in order to fill that gap which is between success and fail. Some of these means are like further studies even though you don’t have enough money, searching more life supporters such as organizations which provide loans for establishment of entrepreneurship as well as to volunteer to do work for a certain purpose such as either for educational scholarship or for an employment advantage.people must focus their future.

  26. i once applyed for scholarship but i wsnt using my email account. my name is Moipone leoatla. can you kindly email me i really need this scholarship

  27. I not really understanding the scholarship program, can you really explain to me in details to understand. My country Liberia is not found in the options them how can I be apart of such scholarship?

  28. What level of requirements necessary for this scholarship. Is there a fund needed for this scholarship? What is the AIM and OBJECTIVE of this scholarship?

  29. Is this scholarship a GRADE SCHOOL or a UNIVERSITY scholarship? I am applying for a University scholarship. If university scholarship, how can obtain the scholarship form?

  30. I Am a student of Atebubu college of education and i will be very happy if am granted a scholarship because of the financial difficulties my family is going through please help me.

  31. Am a kenyan l sat for my form four exam and obtain a college grade but due to lack of fees l unable to join plz if i can get a scholarship let me know

  32. Hello! How r you doing ? Please am looking for a scholarship of masters of highway and transportation engineering in the United states universities or China please help me out I will make sure you not regret helping me out

  33. It’s my dream to archive my goals through masters of highway and transportation engineering I have been dreaming of becoming highway Expert in addition to that I WANT TO DISCOVER My own system in highway geometrically and the only way is the full knowledge of the masters degree… Please help me to sharp up my knowledge in this engineering looking forward to hear from you soon.thank you

  34. Hello i’m yared desaley i’m very happy to see this chance.i have an interest to learn in america. I was 4 scored in grade 10 and now i’m unversity student.if u select me to this chance please contact me by0919059501 and i’m very sure u will select me to this chance and u will proud of me because i will be one of the greatest student

  35. Okay. Thanks you guys for the opportunity provided. I am always on line searching for scholarship and hope to receive one as soon as possible and especially through your help. I am a Liberian.

  36. How much profit do you want to realize from one month or quarter to the next? Use your P L statement to track performance against those goals and use the data to glean insights. For example, if revenues were down one month, is there something you can do from a marketing perspective to generate more sales? If expenses are running high, make sure you understand why and plan accordingly.

  37. I’m 13 march 2017 I’m requesting this scholarship in order to start my career course which is nursing in Sudan help me to reach my dream.
    please if I get chance may I know through this numbers __0723858248/0722619294…thank

  38. Hi,am gabriel junior,a kenyan citizen aged 22years am a student,i kindly request for your support since have finished my first semester,but then i can proceed on with remaining semester because my parents are not capable,if you may assit me through donations or bursary,i would high appreciate the support my email is and my contanct is +254715491276 thanks in advance

  39. thank you very much,,, iam in kampala uganda…i completed form four in 2016, but failed to continue with HSC because of funds ..
    but now i need to continue ,,,
    i need ur help pliz

  40. I am a student studying BCOM(BCAC3) at University of Technology (PNG), and want to further my education abroad but since I lack financial assistance as my parents are not working but heavily rely on subsistence living, I do kindly seek for any scholarship available for studies in Australia and New Zealand.
    I kindly need help

  41. My name is Paul Kabi from Kenya, I thank God for this opportunity, i really have the desire to learn,but i have a problem with school fees, i wish to do my bachelor in Community Development at Nairobi University in Kenya, please put my request into consideration. Am ready for any question from you. Thank you in advance.

  42. My Name is Ekubay Beyene, from Ethiopian I have first degree from Hawassa University by Electro-Mechanical engineering, for temporary I do in GREDP (Grand Renaissance Ethiopian Dam Project) by design and supervision. And I want to learn further my education abroad but since I lack financial assistance as my parents are not working but heavily rely on subsistence living, I do kindly seek for any scholarship available for studies. Please put my request into consideration. I hopeful to accept. Am also ready for any question from you.

  43. i have received a notification message and it only contains welcome notes. please i would like to know what the next move is. i really want to apply for this Scholarship offer please. What\’s next to do am always ready for any questioning from you and ready to give all desired answers. Do please help.

  44. No testimony from anyone who got scholarship throughout this website? The adverts held herein are more like Newsletters. \

  45. My names are musa ibrahim, i am a graduet since 2015 but up till now due to my lack of financial support, am at home please assist me to pursue my future.

  46. hello my names hawo abdinasir i\’m a graduet since 20014 but uptill now due to my lack of financial support, pease assist me to pursue my future

  47. Im Lazaro Charles Dotto from Tanzania found in East Africa I complited a Diploma in Animal Health and Production at TENGERU CAMPUS in 2014/16 at ARUSHA region.Kindly I would like to proced for further study in VETERINARY MEDICINE.I will be gretifully once the chances will be given to me. Thank you.

  48. Hello, i am Charisty from philipines. i need a scholarship to finesh my study in BS- SOCIAL WORK. i am 20 years of age .

  49. I am Oru helen civil orock,I am from Cameroon i need a scholarship to complete my form5 and high school level it because of the strike in Cameroon I am 16 years old


  51. I have completed Bachelor of Science with Education(Geography and Mathematics) at Sokoine University of Agriculture-Morogoro, Tanzania and scoring UPPER SECOND CLASS. I find a Scholarship so as to continue with my studies for a level of Master. It is my hope that I will get a sponsor, because my parents can not afford the costs for Masters.My contacts, 0753-927424. Thank you all.

  52. my name isabdulkadir abdullahi yusuf Iam somali citezen i have graduated Bacheloar of health science and after 4 years i was in a lucturer of Bosaso university of puntland somalia i am undergraduate second semister of lincoln university in malaysia in distance learning i hope after four months i will finished and i am grateful turkey government for having huge support for somali students and their grave people i would like to be educated person and continuous my education until i serve my people what i have let for my brother country turkey. i also want to start my university in turkey in Phd in scholarship position i hope to be succeded

  53. Iam chepwogen Nancy, an undergraduate at Taita taveta university,mombasa Kenya… i realy need your assistance so that i can be able to continue with my studies.i feel like i should still continue in order to achieve my dreams.incace of any assistance Then i will appreciate it so much..

  54. Hi,
    I\’m Dr Kudisala Kulwa Shija. A Tanzanian completed my Doctor of Medicine in 2013 and internship in 2014. I have been working in a rural setting as general practitioner.
    I wish to get scholarship in order to study Master of Medicine and proceed with super specialist in cardiology

  55. I am Wilson from Tanzania. i would like to have a scholarship to further my studies in MBA either from foreign country or within Tanzania. Thank you for you consideration

  56. I am kelevat Andrew chigoma from Malawi. i would like to have a scholarship to further my studies in Lilongwe University of Agriculture and natural resources Thank you for you consideration

  57. I need a scholarship to study Bachelor of science in Medicine and surgery in any country, please help me . Currently am Doing BSc in Nursing and Midwifery at Mzuzu University in Malawi. Please help me.

  58. every body in this world have a dream or goal to acheive but the main limiting factor is is really my dream and way for me to acheive my goals but the main limiting factor is fees or tuition.try to ask,wait because God is the one to give chance for help and God will reward you more than you will help.i am waiting to hear from you

  59. Hello how are you I\’m grateful to be here today my name is adamu erogora mabau,i\’m 24 years old I\’m from Tanzania my education level is secondary ordinary level I path through a lot of hardtime during studying especially my secondary level because I\’m from poor family you know that it\’s hard for a student who are from poor family like me to pursue well but i made it I was walk for 8 kilometres per day day for going and return it was 16kilometres for the whole day of going school to find education without knowing that if I will back home is there any food or not out of that school fees was a problem but my god blessed me for all that hardness that I was pass-through i was win well in my studies and archieved good point so my needs is i would like to study community development in order to see my community is developing well i need scholarship i\’m ready to study in any country but my goals Is to fulfil my dreams and come fact i need your support all over the world may my god bless you all.

  60. A write-up like this has really broaden my horizon and given me a new perspective on how to actualize my long time dream of studying abroad..
    My name is Godswill Jacob, 18 years of age, Nigerian and a high school final year student. I\’m really hoping to get a scholarship and make my dreams and ambitions of becoming a professor of Economics, a reality.
    For references, here\’s my cell phone number +234 8186611131 .

  61. we are the two sisters who study in college we have the same course an education my mother is housewife and my father is a farmer they connot afford our tuition fee.we hope there are people who can help us for our studies

  62. My Name isZenebe Ayele, from Ethiopian I have first degree from adama science and technology university by Geomatics engineering(first degree), Now, I want to learn further education abroad but I lack financial assistance as my parents are not working and heavily rely on subsistence living, I do kindly seek for any scholarship available for studies. Please put my request into consideration. I hopeful to accept. I Am also ready for any question from your instutition.

  63. H r u am Darwin Odhiombo from Kenya current an in undergraduate and facing fee challenges in school I have been funding my self through hurdling around the school kindly check on for the better development of the country and aslo have the desire yo mentor up coming you on benefits of eeducation

  64. looking forward to improve or upgrade my education standard in mineral processing and extractive metallurgy I\’m searching for a scholarship to study my degree any country

  65. My name is Ntambi Precious, I am 14 years old and a first born of five children in my farmily, and a Ugandan, I finished my primary leaving examinations with a second grade upper in 2018, and joined a secondary school in 2019,I am now promoted to senior two, I need help from you to reach my dream, i am first growing and looking nice.I request for a scholarship to continue excelling in my sturdies up to university, starting from early next year 2020, I fear to be abused sexually in a seduction by my untie\’s husband, when I stay home alone with out going to school, my parents took me to untie\’s home in western Uganda for help of school fees when they lost their jobs.i fear to stay more at unties home, I need to go to a better boarding school and i become a better African woman to serve my country and support my farmily. Your positive response shall bring hope to my future, thanks for loving and caring for us,God bless u.

  66. Happy new year,Its me again Ntambi Precious, I would like to know whether I collify for the scholaship. The time frame is five years, starting with this term ONE in JANUARY 2020 to 2027, my dream will be realised by that time. Thanks so much.

  67. Seeking sponsorship for sister who is now in senior one.
    It has been hard for me to find her school fees and I could only afford government schools because they are relatively cheap.
    But now that she\’s in secondary its hard to find a good school I can\’t afford yet she\’s a bright student.
    I kindly request that you grant us a chance to make her future bright.
    Yours sincerely
    Amutuhaire Olivia

  68. Am Thomas, from a family of six children but am the only one who tried studying all the others have not because I eran little salary that can not allow me sponsor them in good schools, if any world wisher can help me take this children to a level of servival call +256775621273 ,+256785553329 ,+256775995587.

  69. I can not continue with education even just marrying has become a problem for because feeding them takes most of my salary.

  70. Am Thomas, from a family of six children but am the only one who tried studying all the others have not because I eran little salary that can not allow me sponsor them in good schools, if any world wisher can help me take this children to a level of servival call +256775621273 ,+256785553329 ,+256775995587.if I could be helped to continue with my studies so that I use my salary to feed my brothers and in the long run struggle to educate them may after completing master in education

  71. Dear sir/madam ,
    RE : Application for a scholarship for university studies
    I hereby kindly request for a scholarship to train as
    A civil aviation engineer at university level and as a career
    My name is Ssentongo Denis Henry lam a ugandan by nantionality and asenior six lever of the year 2021
    l have applied because of two main reasons;(1)The great inspiration by those who have managed to get through to their dreams . thank you for that spirit.(2)l am inteligent
    and l know l can became the best in that career.
    I kindly wait for your reply.

  72. I completed Senior High School 2019 and because of lack of financial support from my parents,I am still in the house unable to further my education and also jobles.So please I really need this scholarship to further my education in Ghana.

  73. Am maimunatu Ashiru,from trust in\’t sec schl,SSS 3 Art,funtua L.G.A,Katsina state,am 15 year,i need this scholarship,please help me,becouse i need to further my education,09076581571

  74. I am Ruth Don-pedro in js1 i am a single parent child it is not easy at all please i need scholarship how do i apply please

  75. Dear Friends
    If any scholarship is there please tell me to improve and continue my future education. Am doing education science level 2 September going to level 3 at university of livingstonia in Malawi but right now I have no one to pay school fees for this coming semester please all good will help me

  76. I am marycynthia umeh,i am in my final year at secodary school.I am the 6th among 8 children.My mum is a cook and my dad is a tricycle rider and I need help to further my education as an industrial engineer.Please I need a scholarship

  77. My name is Dung Dinatu, from a family of 5,i lost my dad when I was still much younger,my mum has been struggling,things have not been moving well with us.Pls I need this scholarship to finished my degree,I have diploma in civil engineering.

  78. My name is Muwishema joseph I havever completed my secondary school in health option if it is possible I would like tone continue university then finally I have to help orphans and poor people to tread them for free because they need support

  79. My is maslah Ashur aden I have completed my secondary school in Kenya as a refugee and I would to study a colleague

  80. my is niyonkuru espoir am still studying in health options I would like to apply to continue studying in university

  81. My is niyonkuru espoir am still studying in health options I would like to apply for getting scholarship to continue my study in university.

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