Scholarships for Students who Maintain an Average Academic Grade Point are Obtainable

Though this may come as a surprise to some, there are scholarships available for average students from various walks of life. Most scholarships are sponsored by individuals or groups who have experienced great fortune following a successful college stint and they want to present the same opportunity to others. Many of these grantors are among those who weren’t academically accelerated, yet they had an opportunity to move forward in education and want nothing more than to afford others like them the same opportunity. Many students fall below the academic average or athletically talented radar but given the opportunity, they could prosper with an opportunity to attend college.


Outside the Box


Not all students are making stellar marks in school with their academic attempts. However, there are a multitude of them who are striving to do their best and want nothing more than an opportunity to move forward in their education. These students may not have the grades for scholarship awards but instead, they have the passion. Their passion is what many groups, organizations and individuals are willing to invest in and present them scholarships for continued education. Students with or without talent have an opportunity to advance with the assistance of scholarships. To your surprise, there are many students who have received scholarship awards based on their weird quirks or strange habits. These students are creative geniuses with minds to excel. There may be no merit scholar by your name at graduation but there could very well be a scholarship award awaiting your persistence and eagerness to succeed.


The College Make-Over


There is no denying that college isn’t just for the academically inclined anymore. The faces that grace the campuses of today are creatively fuelled by great thoughts, calculated risks and eagerness to exceed. Unique scholarship awards blend the academically talented with those who are naturally talented and creates a face of the future. After all, the real world introduces you to people of all mind-sets and skill levels. It’s a positive introduction to begin this process in college and become better prepared in dealing with real life people and circumstances early on in life. In order to locate college scholarships that aren’t academically targeted, the student must conduct a search and speak with local, state and national scholarship boards. Find out what people are looking for and then look within yourself and deliver it to them. Your college future depends on your natural presentation.

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149 responses to “Scholarships for Students who Maintain an Average Academic Grade Point are Obtainable”

  1. I am in search of a scholarship but even though I haven’t succeded I want to thank you for the support to many students world over. May God bless you abundantly.

  2. Oh blessed it is true that our teachers made us to believe that it is difficult for us to get a scholarship.

    Most humble and kind one ,oh you are my door way standing between me and the future generation.

    Please help i pray thee come to my aid
    Yes you are one of the once that
    are chosen to change future
    Yes the ability of change is in your hands.
    My dearest i need you to help me change the
    the nations by a scholarship i will be able.
    Yes your scholarship which is going to ship
    me to my future, WHICH IS IN YOUR HANDS

    I did my o levels and managed to come very well pleasing my in blessed family for the develpoment of Zimbabwe. Now my blessed i am planning to go for a nursing program ,yes nursing to stop these death at boader of my country Ebola i love my people. I NEED A SCHOLASHIP PLEASE HELP

  3. I want to go to SAFTA next year and they R20 000 rand in cash before hand just to secure my place not to mention that the whole course is +-R200 000 if I’m not mistaken so what I really want to know from you is that will you be able to do that for me ?

  4. I am in my second year of study (2015) for a BEd (Intermediate phase : Language) at NMMU I passed all subject in 2014 with 2 distinctions
    I am anxious to obtain a bursary to continue.

  5. am writing on behalf of a very poor and sickly mother, called Mary Wanjiku of Kayole, Nairobi, Kenya. Her telephone number is +254707534029. This woman earns her upkeep by washing clothes. Her son Master Romeo Mureithi, Index number 38619164008, has just passed his Primary education and has been admitted into a major provincial secondary school in Kenya. The name of this secondary school is Vihiga Friends High School. His education so far has been catered for by well wishers who have now asked the woman to look for other sponsors because the secondary school fees is much more than they can handle. Please assist her by paying the school fees directly to the school. My contact telephone number is +254722733919.

  6. Hi There! I am tewodros mulugeta I hold a 2014 Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Cumulative GPA of 3.86. I hopefully request your Institution to let me apply.

  7. kisembo tracy ,kabasumbi enid, kisembo john, nakabito faridah mwiruprety, kalungi abraham nagayi leila, kagimu meddy, nangoye elizabeth,nakito leticia mutebi,patrick,tumusime john ,nantongo ritah balinda jimmy ,nabagala carlo ,nakimuli rose,bugembe joseph says:

    dear sir/madam
    kisenyi one youth group is a selfhelp group in our community,with the main aim of rendering services to the community
    and looking forward for any educational support either material or cash ,bursery,schoraships
    we therefore looking forward for any possible help with younger ones as the names given above

  8. hello! sir/mam,
    m.a. first year 2014-15 dayanand bachhrawan p.g. college,bchhrawan-raebareli ki scholarship kb tk aegi ?

  9. to Erasmus university college I respectfully request to your university in relation to my qualification interest and working capability. I have first degree from Ethiopia in applied chemistry. so if you allow me to join your university I promise to score an average grade point of greater than that of 3.6 for my Master program .

  10. I am a Diploma holder in Human Resources Management and wish to get a scholarship for a degree course. Further I have a 17 year old daughter who is in her eleventh grade (senior High School). I am a single mother struggling to make ends meet.

  11. I am an average student with no parents to pay for my studies and with no funding to pay for my studies, I really like what you guys are doing and i would like you to offer me a scholarship so that i can continue with my studies.

  12. I would like to apply for a scholarship. I am in grade 9 and obtain good grades and I am sure and have proven to have great potential.

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  14. I am looking for an opportunity to get this scholarship and proceed with my studies.I have finished my Advanced level but striving to proceed with academic studies.

  15. i here by request your sponsership in my university a male student taking a degree programme at chuka university.this has come t0 my attention to request for your help because my father has been sick hospitalised at kenyatta hospital from 6/6/2014 up to today and he has sold almost the whole land sicking for medication.thare is no any other source of money i can rely to facilitate my studies except turning on you. please consider me.thank you

  16. I am one of the last year’s form four candidates, with a mean grade of B- (58 POINTS) with B+ IN KISWAHILI, B+ IN HISTORY &GOVERNMENT, B+ IN CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS EDUCATION,B IN BIOLOGY, C+ IN ENGLISH AND FRENCH, C IN MATHS AND CHEMISTRY. AM I elligible for a scholarship and if so, how ca I do it?

  17. I am a hardworker who is willing to pursue medical studies,but financially I am struggling as we speak I got an offer from Monash South Africa but I do not have a REGISTRATION fee.

  18. I’m scared I will miss this opportunity.
    Please help me,the registration fee is R4 000.I’m coming from a disadvantaged home where we rely on a child support grunt.

  19. Thank you for considering we too,am a student at kenya aerounatical college asking onhow i can get the schorlaship .

  20. I am BA holder in Sociology and Social Anthropology. Working for Authority for Research & Conservation of Cultural Heritage (ARCCH) in ministry of culture and tourism as senior expert of anthropologist. And i am working on culture of different ethnic groups of Ethiopia peoples. So i need free scholarship program in the field of anthropology to upgrade my self to masters level. with best regards!!!

  21. I am a holder of bachelor degree i Economics , so am applying a scholarship in master level.

    thank you.

  22. Had second class lower division in Bachelor of Science in. Physics. Is there any offer for me to pursue higher learning?What are the processes involved in acquisition of that offer.Hope to hear from your outfit soon.
    Thank you

  23. I am from Ethiopia and very starved peace and justice for me and for the whole Nation because of this i am very interested to study Masters in peace and justice

  24. l am a kenya and l sat for my kcse exam in 2014 and l was able to get a university grade but am unable to join university because of lack of fee may l be able to get scholarship and further my education

  25. I think this programme is an opportunity for the underprevileged to improve on their strong works , ethics and values.

  26. Please we need to help me because I need to attain my dream to be engineer my family we don’t have money because of poor life.

  27. Please l want to further my education but unfortunately l do not have the financial resource to do it.Can l be helped in anyway.l have already completed M.Ed program in Ghana.

  28. My names Nuhu Zubairu from Nigeria. I hold senior secondary school certificate since 2003 but unable to pursue higher education due to serious financial constraint and I am an average student always desirous of pursuing sound and quality higher education but to no avail. It is on this premise that am seeking for financial assistance and or grant to enanble me pursue undergraduate study abroad.

  29. I’m Tonny from Kenya.
    How can I apply for scholarship to pay for my secondary school education?
    Please inform me.

  30. i am evengelista manuhwa from zimbabwe

    i want a scholarships for my Masters Degree,how do i go about it to get one thank you.

  31. I wish to apply for a scholarship to study medicine, please your assistance is very much needed.

  32. This is a very good program… On my side l known l am good in farming and l have been doing it for five years and now l am trying to do all it takes so that l can get more knowledge on how to do it better.. I would request for support so that l can get a chance of supporting others.

  33. To the admins of the educational scholarship. net. I am Gelbert Crescencio from the Philippines, I am the youngest of in my family and i have two siblings, I came from a poor family my father is a tricycle driver and my mother is a saleslady their combined salary is not enough for our daily needs and tuitions in school. I am currently studying in high school.One of my problems in life is poverty, because of poverty i have many mind boggling questions that needs an answer like \

  34. To the admins of the educational scholarship. net. I am Gelbert Crescencio from the somalia, I am the youngest of in my family and i have two siblings, I came from a poor family my father is a tricycle driver and my mother is a saleslady their combined salary is not enough for our daily needs and tuitions in school. I am currently studying in high school.One of my problems in life is poverty, because of poverty i have many mind boggling questions that needs an answer like \\

  35. I am a Zambian citizen, a holder of a bachelor\’s degree in Aerospace Engineering.
    I completed my bachelor course this year in June. And I would like to further up my studies.
    I would love to study a Master\’s program in any related engineering field. But due to lack of sponsorship, I am unable to achieve this. I am therefore looking for support(financial) to help me pursue my career successfully.
    Please provide me with any information that will lead me to a successful enrollment into the study.
    I will provide every document required

  36. Am Asabere Eric from Ghana. I had my bachelor\’s degree in Financial Accounting in the year 2009 from University of Education Winneba from Ghana. Now I have been admitted by Fanshawe College in Canada to study Logistics and Supply Chain Management which is one year graduate certificate. I have an intention to pursue further studies up to doctorate level, but I need financial support to make my dream come to realisation. The academic year starts January, 2018. I have my admission letter from Fanshawe College. Please come to my aid to enable pursue my career successful. Hope to hear from you at earliest time. Thank you.

  37. i appreciate you program,I would like to get a scholarship and would love to get a responses from you soonest

  38. Am Abu Bakarr O. V. Turay from Sierra Leone. I had my bachelor\\’s degree in Accounting and Finance in the year 2009 from The Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) University of Sierra Leone i now worked at the Audit Service Sierra Leone. I have an intention to pursue further studies up to doctorate level, but I need financial support to make my dream come to realisation. The academic year starts January, 2018. I have applied at Bangor University in London for a Masters in Accounting . Please come to my aid to enable me pursue my career successful. Hope to hear from you at earliest time. Thank you.

  39. Please I want you to help me just a scholarship in be able to enter into the university to study the my dream course, Law.Thank you.

  40. Morning! I\’m very happy to find that you can help me. I need a scholarship in Portugal country in medical laboratory sciences. Thank you,I\’m waiting your wonderful response to my email.

  41. I\’m Jeremia Bakari from Tanzania,I hold a diploma of laboratory science and Technology,I would like to apply for a scholarship of undergraduate what can I do I need your assist

  42. Hello heavenly sent angels,I\’m Esther from Uganda, I sat for my A level in 2007 and an auntie helped me to pay my fees at college however this did not last long as she all of a sudden gave up saying it was too expensive and told me to tell my mother(her sister)to pay it yet she could nearly afford a meal,I did not blame her as she was right about what she had said but this deeply left a wound in my heart as I looked at my dream vanish into the air,now however much I want to make a living and help my siblings ,I can not as I can\’t get a good paying job,but recently I happened to get a chance to go back to college but I was asked for 600$ which I could not even dream of holding in my hands yet I so badly want to change my destine and that of my brothers,so please I will be grateful to you if you took my hand and showed me the way as I\’m at cross-roads,God bless you.

  43. Am an orphan in uganda,,,i have just completed my A\’level in 2017,,,i got 19 points and i wanted to study medicine and surgery but i dont have support right now,,,so i request you to give a hand and uplift me,,may God bless you

  44. I have completed my IEA certificate courses plus Port Moresby Business College and wish to further my education but desperately needed a scholarship to study in Tafe Queensland. Need help.

  45. am Gudura Dubale am from Ethiopia I have just complete my A level at grade 10 and I need scholarship to be good researcher for the future I need this chance need help God bless you.

  46. Am Nakku Evelyn am from Uganda…first I would like to thank you for organising such opportunities for all mankind ….thanks a lot.. I would like a scholarship for clinical medicine or food science I will be grateful if am among those lucky few because this will make my whole life all different thanks

  47. Hello I\’m from Namibia African country and I\’m looking for a scholarship as ITC please help find for me because I don\’t have money to pay for myself ,I want a full scholarship.Next year

  48. My name is Raya Ali Rashid from Tanzania am second year degree at mwalim nyerere memorial academy i need a fees to pay university cause my family so poor can\’t afford it please

  49. Hello, am Nakijoba Vivian and am a Ugandan, i really appreciate for the love you have provided, the love of making students\’ dreams come true.
    I\’ve tried several ways of getting scholarships but unfortunately am always turned down.
    I developed the love of being a pharmacist since my childhood, I want to event medicines in order to treat the sick but it\’s so absad that I can\’t fulfill this dream since I can\’t support myself in paying for my tuition. Am humbly requesting for a scholarship in a bachelor\’s in pharmacy.

  50. Am komakech Francis ,requesting any body who have money to support somebody in needs of study to secure tomorrow .

  51. Am grateful for such a comment Francis but one thing ibeg to, could my niece in second year but the father struggles to pay get a scholarship at the moment
    I will grateful to hear from you

  52. I have finished my UACE and i lack tuition to take me to universityso i request that u aid me to go to my future university makerere so that i can acquire a degree in business statistics because i passed well that is B in math,E in Economics and C in geography

  53. I am a single parent child in js1 it is not easy at all please can someone show me how to apply for scholarship online

  54. I\’m a student who have passion for being a doctor.
    And all I need is an opportunity so that I am can be able to fulfill my dream.
    I\’m from Liberia and I\’m appealing to you to please assist in as I strife to be a better person to in society.

  55. Am in senior 3 studying basically science subjects (Chemistry and biology) and am highly interested in being qualified in medicines I humbly request for assistance, thank you, May God bless you

  56. I obtain my high education with subsiquent of my handwork which it need for me to improve more. Am very greatful if my comnnt is aprove. Thanks

  57. Am a student in primary six but I have a problem with school fees but I always work hard in class and am ever among the best students in class so if I get a help with scholarship I\’ll be very happy

  58. Im sincely looking for a scholarship lm about to drop schol because my mother can not afford my fees my father died when l was 12 now lm 19
    Im looking forward for your help lm feeling pity for my sibilings which are still young
    So if l get educated l can do something for them and other orphans stuggling as lm doing

  59. my name is yahaya sabo usman. I m in NCE 2 I have problem with school like properties of riding looks and handout.still me I have distance to my school so problem of transportation provisions

  60. My name is Seth Taranupi, I am a 39 year old primary school teacher in Papua New Guinea, I am teaching in the most remote district of this yet to develop country. I have been accepted for further studies at Divine Word University and have really sacrificed to meet fees for the first semester. However with a very low income I cannot afford my course fees. My dream is to graduate in project management and be in a better position to seek Aids from NGO groups to access basic services to this remote district. Please help me get a scholarship. 🙏🙏🙏

  61. Applying for a scholarship.
    Dear sir/madam
    Hello,my name is Tomryndah Hanhupa,I\’ve completed my year 12 in 2022 at Oksapmin Secondary School,Sandaun Province, Papua New Guinea and was selected to Gaulim Teachers College. However I cannot complete my 2nd semesters due to financial problem because I\’m grown up of very poor family…so please could you help me with the scholarship awards….If you need more information please email me..

  62. Am currently attending Flexible Learning Centre at Divine University while undertaking DBS programme.I have final semester to go and down with school fee.Could please assist me.

  63. good afternoon i am a drop out from the university and i am orphan please help me with a scholarship for me to pursue my course

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