Germany scholarship opportunities for foreign students

Recently Germany had become popular destination for a lot of students, who are searching for high quality education on reasonable prices. Mainly because this country had advanced so much in technologies and trends for the past few years and that is extremely attractive for young people, which want to be up-to-date with everything new coming up on the market. Another also very good reason for them to choose Germany is the amazing landscapes, the afflatus art and culture and the developed economy of the country itself. Having fun is also something we should not neglect, when taking into consideration all the important features of our study place. There is not a single of university without a dozens of cafes, bars and restaurants. Each of them offering a big variety of snacks and meals a lot of them discounted for their students. And in addition to that a lot of events, cultural shows and nightlife organized by student offices in the institution.

The country is also giving a lot of opportunities for students who don`t have the financial security to choose Germany. Most popular scholarship programs are DAAD, German`s Foundation scholarship and Erasmus Mundus Scholarship program.

Until 2007 most of the universities in Germany where charge free, no tuition fees were issued from the students, which was very comfortable. But now there are several institutions which request money for their undergraduate studies like Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria, Hamburg and Lower Saxony. The tuition fee of these states is about 500 euros. Other states don`t request such money or if they do it is a small amount of about 50 euros.

In most cases Master degrees are paid at a price of 650euros or several thousand per semester depending by the degree chosen by the student.

DAAD is a joint, which aims promoting international academic relations, mainly through exchange of students, academic staff and researchers. DAAD database contains big number of available scholarships and funding possibilities for foreign students, researchers and graduates. There is also separate department of the education joint, for students from developing countries.More information you can find on DAAD Scholarships for developing countries and DAAD Master Scholarships.

A lot of political and religious endowments in Germany are involved with offering funding to foreign students in different fields of interest, fields and timbers. You can check them out in this list.

Master Courses and PhD Courses can be supported by the Erasmus Mundus program which is European program for all the European citizens. You can find out a list of available sponsored Master degree courses here and PhD courses here.

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  2. hey i,m muvandimwe concorde from rwanda i was finished my secondary school in november 2014 dear sir/madam i have no money to pay my fees for university please help me to get sponsorship

  3. am young hard working man thirst of education so as to uplift my standards but find funds to do this has been a big deal hope i will have assistance i believe

  4. I want free scholarship in Germany to continue my studies because i finished high studies and now I’m not able to pay university my self i think that you can help me for such ways . Thank you for hearing me.

  5. i’m very intersted in daad scholarship help that i here from different source it;s greatest help and i hope to be with you in short time i need masters by statistics

  6. am in need for someone who can support me and raise my University fees, I have completed my high school Iganga High School in Uganda
    I will be appreciative when the Germany scholarship opportunities for foreign students help me.

  7. Hi There! I am looking for grant scholarship. I am financially poor but I have a strong desire and interest to attend quality education on your university. If there please let me apply.

  8. Hi There! I am looking for a grant scholarship since I am financially poor. I have a strong desire and interest to attend quality education in order to capacities my knowledge skill. If there please announce me via my email address.

  9. Hello,
    I’m vanessa nkolongo I’m from DRC wanted to find out about moving out that side to study
    And need information about scholarship

    Best regards,


  11. Soy una chica de 17 años que en diciembre 2015 me graduó de bachillerato. Mi gran sueño es estudiar arte en el extranjero. He participado en muchos eventos y exposiciones relacionados con el arte en mi país. Mi familia no cuenta con los recursos económicos pero tengo todo el interés y disposición de buscar y buscar hasta encontrar una beca que me ayude a realizar mi sueño.

    I a Ugandan single aged 27 years old and Catholic by religion.
    I appealing for support so that i can continue my education after being affected by lack of tuition when i finished senior six from st Bernard college Kiswera 2011 (MAS AKA UGANDA)
    Before GOD I ill grant if dream is fulfilled .
    I will make sure that ;there is socialization in the community,preservation of life,prevention of suffering from worsening,and promote recovery of the patient. THANK YOU! LONG LIVE……………..

  13. I am Theobald and want to apply for this bursary , because i think it goes along with my field of study and my plans to study since gardians also financially unfit too

  14. I would love to be given the opportunity to study abroad, because I have studied all my primary and high school, actually my whole life has been in South Africa. so I would love to learn from a different country filled with different cultures, beliefs, food and lifestyle. I’m always up to learn new thing(language, activities, food, etc. ). I am currently studying agricultural management in the university of Free State in South Africa. but I would really love to study aggrometerology and wedding planning. Thank you for giving me this opportunity allowing me to write on your site.

    thank you!

  15. While think this kind of Real estate property industry hope against hope turn back in the positive course? Or maybe can it be at a standstill very young to tell? We’re glimpse many terracing property foreclosures modish ekgagekcaddd

  16. i would love a scholarship at any Germany university which offers bachelors in journalism or business management am from the republic of Kenya in Africa.THANK YOU

  17. Very inspiring, It is my utmost desire to pursue architecture as a career, a scholarship would make this dream tangible.
    yours Sincerely!!!!

  18. i m a poor pakistani student cant afford the dues of my studies wana study in germany on scholrship for bachelor degre. if any one could support me plllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  19. please with your respectable organization am therefore appealing to you for a scholarship to learn helicopter training school ,thank you God richly bless you..

  20. I would really like a scholarship grant from a university or college in Germany. The country is a great one and they hold high regards for education and that is just excellent.

  21. Please help me for scholaship in order to meet my dream because my family is poor also my grand mother she dont have money in order to succeed me to study.

  22. My name is Amoama Gyamfua Sandra a student of Oyoko Methodist Senior High School . please i am an agriculcutural student and i will be overjoyed if i am granted a scholarship. My reason is that,i am a Ghanaian from Ghana but i love Germany and want to further and work in Germany. And improve German economy thank you.



  23. i am grade 10 student and i am really anxious to learn out abroad and show my qualities to the world i am from Ethiopia and i have also performed well in both my academic and in innovation activities in my school in the past years so to conclude both of us will be very happy if you accept y grants and you will be proud of me if you really know deep about me.

  24. Hello! I am a student from Arusha Tanzania I successful complete two years of Nursing and Midwifery at Machame Health Training 2015, please could I enquiry scholarship from you or sponsor, please I m sorry for disturbance it’s because of insufficient Thank you for your help be blessed.

  25. I hope that you can grant my wish to be your scholar because i wan’t to achieve my dreams that someday i a CHEF please grant my wish. Thank you.

  26. I’m from Yaoundé-Cameroon. Seeking for a scholarship to study overseas in a medical domain even as to achieve my goals.

  27. Hello!! My name is Abdul Sinneh Koroma, and i am from Sierra Leone. I am currently studying IT in one of the IT colleges in my country (college of Business and Information Technology/CoBIT). I am currently studying Network+ Professionally. I will be very happy if I get a scholarship to continue my professional studies in America

  28. I will really appreciate it , if you let me have this scholarship. Am a Cameroonian and things are really difficult here. Thanks

  29. I\’ll appreciate if I got scholarship and a chance to pursue my undergraduate degree program in Germany,,am looking forward to hearing from you,thank you

  30. Sir I have done fsc. Now I need to take admission in medical college. But I am orphen and can\’t afford my dues. I need to receive scholarship. I will never forget your kind act. And I will become a great officer in future inshaAllah. I like to be a doctor. But I have no source to afford my dues. So help me plz. My contact number. 03400844232

  31. My really dreams is to develop my country so if get scholarship, i will get opportunity to realise my dreams

  32. Um a candidate who dropped my course within two years out of four. Um filling to go further if I get scholarship since there will be no reason to drop again since I will be sponsored

  33. I realy need your assistance if i could be awarded a scholarship next year 2019 in your country to study bachelor in education major in mathematic minor in business studies.

  34. My name is josephat silvini i finish undergraduate level at university of SAUT ARUSHA but istudy this level under scholarship of HELSB Suport so if i will get suport to study masters level in Germany i will study hard and i will be good citizen ship

  35. Hello, thanks for the good work. I would like to adjust my career by further studies but i cant afford to pay my tution fees. Can you please help me get a scholarship here?

  36. My name is Yeabsira .I am a student of grade eleven in Ethiopia,Addis Ababa .I am sending you this message because I really want to get a scholarship and study in one of your universities. Please accept me and help me get a scholarship.

  37. My name is Asaye Liknaw from Ethiopia and i am interested to learn postgraduate program and i need free scholarship due to lack of enough income, do please help me?

  38. Dr madam, I really Amazing because this opportunity that helps people financially poor like me. I am Jemal Endris from Ethiopia. I was graduate from Mekelle University with Agronomy. I want to pursue master\’s an Agronomis or related fields especially department of health or computer science. Please help me by fully sponsorship in order to achieve my dreams. Contact me with phones +251913443999 or email

  39. am very happy with your organisation of helping people or purpil for seek financial assistanc too further their education ,me am one of the parent who have very ambitious to further the educationa of my three children including an ophen i adpted three years a go when i was employed. Now am out employment and find and finding the going so difficult. With that it left me helpless and could not properly paying school fees for these kids and God will am still alive to try to give thesee children food only .its difficulty here in Zimbabwe. I saw your post i thought i should try you for a school loan from your kindfullness organisation to help my children for school fees loan. Please help how can i apply for the school fees loan ,thank you so much for your help. Regards Tarzen Nyandoro

  40. its a very helpful
    organisation and am grad we have such helpfull institutions, God bless you and have this program to reach more who are poor like me thank you so so much

  41. Thank you for such an idea of helping those in need.I am also looking for a scholarship to study in Germany for i am an undergraduate student.l hope you will help me

  42. I have just graduated from University of Goroka in Papua New Guinea, the country north of Australia. I am eager to pursue my studies there to get Degree in Economics. Can I be financially assisted?

  43. Thank you for the brilliant idea to help the poor to get educated .I\’m an A level student wishing to get a degree in accounting .i hope you will help me

  44. Thank you so much for coming up with a brilliant iidea to help thepoor .im an level student wishing to get a degree in accounting .I hope you will help me

  45. hi admin im very interested im looking for a scholarship in the automotive industry i actual undertake moter vehicle mechanics at national certificae level i hope you will help me

  46. Hi! there iam looking for a grant scholarship since iam encountering financial situation for online student want to be studying community development in diploma I have a strong desire and interest to do online education study on community development diploma in order to capacities my knowledge skill if please announce me via my email address. thank you

  47. I have graduated from a technical college and got an undergraduate diploma in architecture. So how can I get a scholarship offer to pursue a bachelor\’s degree in architecture?
    Am grateful for your services

  48. My name is Zenebe Ayele i was graduated adama science and technology university in Ethiopia.Now i want to join your institution to learn my masters if you need me,you can accept by the following address.
    with best regard Zenebe

  49. It is my wishes, if i will get the opportunity of scholarship in your university because of;
    to improve my knowledge
    to do good things to my country(Ethiopia)
    to be international researcher, so if free scholarship awarded in Germany, i kindly request the chances of getting MSc-Ph.D. related to the following fields,
    Development economics, MBA, Research and project, Development studies, economics, Rural Development and extension, if free scholarship related to above mentioned fields contact or respond me through Gmail
    thank you for your responce!

  50. Hi Rose f.kiango from Tanzania, am undergraduate from water institite diploma in hydrogeology and water well drilling, your services are greatfull i would like to join you in bachelor\’s degree in geology, hydrogeology and mining if possible in your university please contact me in my email address

  51. Hi I am Manzede Amos I need scholarship just finished high institutions I am very stuck I need to join university may you help me out

  52. I need a scholarship to enable complete my master of Technology program at Takoradi Technical University, Am finical handdcup.

  53. I am refugee in uganda. My country is south sudan. I school drop out and poverty will not all me chance because of continue war in my county or district lainya, in recent our chief of out village was shot dead. Currently we are at funeral in yoyo zone 5 bidi bidi settlement. i wish any support to further my studies.

  54. I\’m asking for a scholarship
    Im now in lower 6 sciences i do :
    Computer science, Pure Mathematics and Geography
    I would thank a lot if you help me me

  55. I\’M asking for a scholarship
    I have started my course since 2018
    because of financial problem am unable to
    finish my certificate level in cips. I need help to complete my course

  56. Hello !! My name is Issa Bangura, and I am from Sierra Leone. I will really appreciate it, if you let me have scholarship and a chance to pursue my Undergraduate Degree program in U K or USA , am looking forward to hearing from you , these is my phone number +23234665836 or +32376976640, think you

  57. My name is Issa Bangura, I am in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa . I am looking for a fully founding scholarship to forward my education. Please accept me and help me get a Scholarship, for any good information please contact me on this number\’s +23234665836 or +23276976640, think you !!!

  58. Hello, my name Is Issa Bangura I am in Sierra Leone. I want free scholarship in Germany to continue my studies because I\’m In Need for someone who can support me and raise my University fees, I have completed my high School and I will be appreciated when the Germany scholarship opportunities for foreign students. For a help contact me on this number +23234665836 thank you very much.

  59. mber 6, 2021 at 2:56 pm
    My name is Seth Taranupi, I am a 39 year old primary school teacher in Papua New Guinea, I am teaching in the most remote district of this yet to develop country. I have been accepted for further studies at Divine Word University and have really sacrificed to meet fees for the first semester. However with a very low income I cannot afford my course fees. My dream is to graduate in project management and be in a better position to seek Aids from NGO groups to access basic services to this remote district. Please help me get a scholarship. 🙏🙏🙏My contact

  60. My name is Tatek Million ,was graduate Arba minch university in Ethiopia.Now i want to join your institution to learn my masters if you need me,you can accept by the following address.

    with Tatek Million
    21, 2023 12:10 am
    It is my wishes, if i will get the opportunity of scholarship in your university because of;
    to improve my knowledge
    to do good things to my country(Ethiopia)
    to be international researcher, so if free scholarship awarded in Germany, i kindly request the chances of getting MSc-Ph.D. related to the following fields,
    Mac in physics

  61. I am mustafa Karimi I graduate from high school in Afghanistan please help me I need to your help I want to learn at the each of college at the European

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